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Types of Accountancy Software


Not all accountancy software are made the same. Extra features included, free customer support, ease of use, etc. vary greatly from one software to another, depending on the chosen manufacturer. But they also depend on the type of accountancy software you choose. In order to help you understand your options and make the best choice possible for your business, we will take a closer look at different types of accountancy software available.

If you have decided to replace your accountant with a software, you can choose between the following types of accountancy software:

In addition to the mentioned four types of accountancy software, there is also the so-called vertical market which refers to accountancy software that is specially designed to meet the requirements of specific businesses. One of the best examples is the so-called medical accountancy software which is mostly used by private medical and dental practices.

A special category is online accountancy software. Rather than being installed to your computer, it is accessed via the Internet. It has become increasingly popular choice in the recent years because it offers a wealth of functions for a relatively low cost and a much higher level of safety than commonly believed.

In the end, you have the ability to choose between ready-made and customizable accountancy software, and a combination of both. Solutions which are tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs are of course more expensive but they are also more useful.